January 11, 2016

We're finally in 2016, and yet, it doesn't feel like it. We had our first show this year last Thursday, January 7th at All Star Lanes Bowling Alley in Eagle Rock with Sophie, Smiling Beth, and WIRES. The show was amazing! All the bands kicked ass and everyone seemed to be having a ball. So what now?

First off, we got a new member to the Dharma family, Adam Corey Thomas. He his our fourth and we're excited to have him.

Secondly, we have decided not to play any show for the time being because we will be entering a rigorous writing process that requires our full attention. I will say that we have already begun writing and so far it feels good. We'll keep you updated with news throughout this experience, but for now I will have hush up.

Lastly, we are also trying to earn some money to fund these projects, so if you would like to help us out by making a donation and purchasing some merch, we would really appreciate it. You can purchase "A seed to come" on bandcamp for $5 and merch can be bought either on this website or on big cartel. Thank you