July 11, 2016



Right now it is 11:34pm, and I'm letting my stream of consciousness leak out as I think of where we've been these last couple of months. Since our last blog post, we have written several songs, discovered new sides to ourselves as individuals, have had a lot of positive and negative experiences, and have even had a new addition to the band that is no longer with us.

The details are irrelevant, but I'm pretty sure you understand this ambiguous feeling.

The album is on its way, but no where near being done. The work that has been put into this has definitely challenged every part of us. Personally, I have even seen a change in my daily life outside of music. It's a good fuel for inspiration. 

The beautiful part of this learning experience is that we have been working with some new people and their innovative ideas. From the smashing piano to the hard hitting beat, all of the new sound is great to be around.

NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR YOU... they know who you are.

Another great part is allowing oneself to rediscover music. This is my favorite part of this process because there is so much good music out there and so much talent that needs to be appreciated.

As of now, we just recorded three songs, which are not mixed nor mastered. They are in the works.

Everything is on its way, but will only come when the time is right.

For now, keep an ear out, support your LOCAL MUSIC SCENE, and stay in touch.


We'll see you soon.